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7 Great Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

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Do you return from wildlife holidays feeling a little disappointed with your photos? Are you looking for ways to improve your wildlife photography without upgrading to expensive equipment? Are you using high end gear and still not getting the results you are after? Read our wildlife photography tips and click your way to better photos.

Wildlife Photography Tips

The opportunity to see animals in their natural environment is one of the best things about wildlife holidays. Traveling across our gorgeous planet to some of the most beautiful locations naturally gives us great photographic opportunities and whilst this is extremely rewarding, wildlife photography comes with its own set of challenges and frustrations. Not only does it require a great deal of patience, but practice and perseverance play an equally important part. Just because you have the opportunity to take a great photograph doesn’t guarantee results, neither does having the most expensive piece of equipment, irrespective of the equipment you hold and wherever you may be, the below tips are sure to enhance your ability to take good wildlife photographs. Read on and be inspired.

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Know your subject - wildlife photography tips
To stay cool in the blistering African heat, hippos spend most of their day in rivers and lakes

"The best wildlife moments are always sudden and short-lived – but they aren’t always unexpected. Make the time and effort to understand the subject you are photographing, this will not only help you predict their behavior but will also make you feel better prepared for capturing those magical moments."


Understand your camera - Wildlife Photography Tips
Know you camera , it will help you get the most out if it.

"Understanding the capabilities and limitations of your equipment will help you set realistic expectations and avoid disappointment. Ensure you are familiar with the dials and settings to help you react in time.Remember the best camera to have in your hands is the one you know how to use."


Shoot at eye level - Wildlife photography tips
Shooting at eye level brings about a intimate connection with the viewer.

"Attractive wildlife photos are those that create an intimate connection with the subject. A perfect way to achieve this is to shoot at the subject’s eye level, whilst this isn’t always possible, depending on where you are shooting, making the effort to get as close to eye level as possible will bring about a dramatic transformation in your images.This is one of our top wildlife photography tips for beginners"

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A first person perspective of seals in thier natural environment

"A great wildlife travel photograph captures the essence of a location, conveying a mood and atmosphere that has the viewer feeling like they were there.Keep an eye out for birds and animals interacting with each other and with elements of their environment."


Sense of Scale - Wildlife Photography Tips
Vast plains of Masai Mara

"A striking attribute of a wildlife location may be the sheer volume of its inhabitants or a single creature in a vast and desolate landscape. Try to convey just how impressive these features are by adding a point of reference in your frame. Add other birds or animals, elements of the landscape, or man-made objects like a ship or vehicle."

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Compose creatively - Wildlife photography tips

"A visually pleasing composition is fundamental to any great shot. Know the ‘rule of thirds’ and know when to break it, look for lead-in lines, and keep your background free from distractions. Get creative and try different things – one of the most interesting aspects of the natural world is its diversity and the most effective way to portray this is by shooting different compositions."


Using light creatively enhances your composition.

"One of the best wildlife photography tips is the effective use of light, this is usually the difference between a good photograph and a great one. Avoid shadows, especially ones falling across the face of animals; look for light hitting the subject or surrounding landscape; experiment with back-lighting and silhouettes; shoot wide to include a dramatic sky or zoom into to exclude a dull one."

That’s it folks , these were our 7 top wildlife photography tips . Are you a wildlife traveler , or a wildlife photographer , do you have any tips , let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to update it. If you like this article please like & share it with your family and friends. 

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