Spiti Valley

Spiti Road Trips

The trans-Himalayan region of Spiti is another chunk of Tibet marooned within India, the scattered & remote villages in this moonscape arrive like mirages while the turquoise-grey ribbon of the Spiti River is your near-constant companion, though sometimes way below in precipitous gorges. This scenically spectacular region is one of India’s greatest road trips.


Kinnaur Himalayan Holidays

There are places in Himachal over run with tourists, forever crowded and with no natural serenity left, and then there are places in Himachal that are a little remote and difficult to get to, but with preserved natural beauty ,serenity , and authentic pahari culture – and topping the list of such places is the evergreen , verdant and rich Kinnaur Valley.


Shore of the Pangong Tso , High in the Himalayas

In the dizzying heights of Himalayas, nature stands unconquered, here heaven dons an earthly appearance and natural splendour takes on new highs, landscapes here speaks it’s own language and nature’s fearsome might meets its unparalled beauty. Come discover Ladakh and you might just discover yourself.

Gurez Valley

The impressive Habba Khatoon Peak of Gurez Valley

This just might be the mythical last Shangri-La – Waterfalls tumble down fluted slopes, dusted with emerald grasses and capped by rocky crags. Snowy summits tower in the distance whilst hand-tended farms cover the floodplains, surrounded by dazzling wildflowers. Crooked wooden villages dot the landscape, creating an impression as if the valley has been plucked from a fairy-tale — or perhaps we may have been magically transported to one.

North Sikkim

Alpine Granduer of North Sikkim

This dramatic, varied and remarkably beautiful area offers enchanting wildlife, traditional lepcha culture, alpine grandeur unmatched elsewhere , glorious forests and remarkably fewer crowds , a visit here will see you settle into the rhythm of idyllic mountain life and you may find it really hard to leave.


Meghalaya Tours

Renowned as the abode of clouds, brimming with some stunning natural wonders, Meghalaya has enough to impress even the most seasoned travellers – here you can walk the ancient khasi trails , hike the hidden living root bridges , kayak in transparent waters of Umngot or relax in the mist of Sehra . If you even wanted to take the path less trodden, then Meghalaya will charm you like no other destination.


Rajasthan Holidays

This is India’s quintessential land of Maharajas & majestic forts, and no trip to this colourful state is complete without visiting the Thar Desert – A vast stretch of empty and barren landscapes is all one can see, and with the backdrop of the setting sun, the bright golden yellow hues on the dunes makes it look like nothing less than a heap of gold.

Manali - Leh Road Trip

The Epic Manali - Leh Road Trip

This is a roadtrip that will change your life – this is a journey that will make you fall in love with the road, whichever way you look at it , the journey on the 475 Km Manali – Leh highway has epic written all over it, it will test your endurance, scare you, shock you and leave you spellbound.

Andaman Isles

Deserted beaches of Andaman

With breathtakingly beautiful coastline, lush forested interior, fantastic diving possibilities and a far-flung location, the Andaman Islands are a perfect place to ramble around or simply chill out on sun-toasted beaches. Shimmering turquoise waters are surrounded by primeval jungle and mangrove forest, and its sugar-white beaches melt under glorious flame-and- purple sunsets.