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Raw untamed nature of Okavango Delta , Botswana

Let’s take a plunge into untamed Africa – blessed with one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth – The Okavango Delta – with an abundance of epic proportions, here wild creatures roam and rule, big cats and bigger elephants walk free, this is a place of singular and unparalleled beauty where safari possibilities can seem as endless as the waters themselves.


Primate wonders of the Eighth continent , Madagascar

Exotic, remote and intensely unique – casually referred to as the eighth continent – Madagascar is a dream destination for any wild lifer, with rainforests, mangroves, coastlines and deserts few places on earth offer such a dramatic kaleidoscope of nature, matched with an animal and plant life, 90 % of which can only be found here, you have a land so blessed, that it is a blessing to land on it.


Ecuador Birding Trips

Ecuador, bisected from north to south by the mighty Andes mountains and from east to west by the equator (after which the country is named), offers wonderful birding amidst magnificent scenery in one of the smallest countries in South America. With an extraordinarily rich avifauna , this is one of the best and most enjoyable birding journeys in the world.


Iguans of Galapagos in Darwin's Playground

Famous as the Islands that gave birth to Charles Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” , now carefully protected as one of the most precious of world’s natural showpieces , The Galapagos Archipelago is special for the nature lovers in many ways ,harboring not only many unique creatures that are just found here , but also as a stark group of islands with truly superb scenery.


Endless plain of Serengeti , Tanzania

Simply put Tanzania is “plainly” spectacular – few countries on the planet can claim to have vast expanses of land where the animals can roam freely, and while it may be unclear if we can ever have enough of it, it is certain that this land of endless plains will provide you with boundless amazement and will be one of the best wildlife destinations you ever visit.


Great migration of Masai Mara, Kenya

With vast savannahs peppered with abundant wildlife, immense herds of wildebeest and zebras marching to the rhythm of Arica’s seasons, snow capped equatorial mountains and the proud masai people , this is Africa’s last great wilderness and a perfect place to answer the call of the wild.


Polar scenes at Svalbard

Remote, mysterious and extreme – explore this archipelago and get up close with glaciers , fjords and dramatic national parks to experience beauty unlike anywhere else on the planet and encounter rich wildlife from whales to foxes and birds to the king of Artic – the Polar bear. Enter the sphere of endless amazement and slip into a dream called Svalbard.


Blue Magpie , endemic birdlife of Sri Lanka

The fabled isle of Ceylon – this green and beautiful island attracts birdwatchers to its shore with more than 33 endemic species that are the most exciting prize of visiting this jewel of Indian Ocean, and along with the biome of Yala National park with its famously high leopard populations, Sri Lanka is an under the radar, nonetheless rewarding wildlife destination.


Penguin colonies as seen on our Antarctica Cruise

Bring out the explorer in you as you tour this colossal continent, with epic glaciers , dazzling iceberg filled bays , and shorelines surrounded by towering snowcapped mountains, No place on Earth compares to this vast white wilderness of elemental forces: snow, ice, water, rock. Antarctica is simply stunning.