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These stunning local islands are great for a Maldives Vacation without breaking the bank.

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Maldives Vacation

Looking for a Maldives Vacation, but are afraid of having to mortgage your house or take a loan to afford the insanely priced luxurious accommodations that the Maldives are infamous for, check out our list of these stunning local islands where you can enjoy a slice of paradise at a fraction of a cost. Amazing isn't it? Pack your bags and thank us later.

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5. Maafushi - The most accessible & well known local island for a Maldives Vacation

A lovely little island bursting with life and tourism, well connected and close to Male, more and more people are exploring the local life here, you can expect a fun-packed itinerary: strolling around, snorkeling and sandbank excursions, scuba diving, fishing trips, island-hopping, excursions to uninhabited islands, dolphin, whale shark and Manta cruises, a whole range of water sports. If you only have time to visit one local island in the Maldives, then this is a great choice.

4. Dhigurah - Great Choice for a Maldives Vacation with focus on Diving

Located in the South Ari Atoll, about 100 Kms from Male, this is a 3 km long and 250 Mtrs wide island, predominantly a fishing village with a population of about 600 inhabitants. It has a sandbank nearby which you can walk to during low tides and is widely known for its beautiful underwater world, with more than 30 diving points nearby, it is one of the few places on earth where you can see a large number of whale sharks, rare sea turtles, manta rays, many other colorful fishes and beautiful corals at an arm’s length.

3. Laamu Gan - Best Island for a Unique Maldives Vacation

This is the longest and largest island in the Maldives, connected with 3 nearby islands with an 18 kilometers long road and because of its size and connection, it feels very different than most other local Maldivian islands, the best way to reach here is to take a 40-minute flight from Male. In recent years it has gained popularity as the filming location of Star Wars Rogue One in 2016.

2. Ukulhas - Top choice for a Fishing Maldives Vacation

Looking like a pearl surrounded by clear lagoons and coral reefs, this is one of the best islands in terms of natural beauty, among the chief activities here is fishing, and enthusiasts adore Ukulhas as a great place to catch yellowfin tuna and Blue Marlin. Besides holding several guesthouses, the island has a health care center, a drugstore, and a café along with a bikini beach to get your prized Maldivian Tan.

1.Fehendhoo - Perfect choice for a Peaceful & Relaxed Maldives Vacation

If you are looking for complete peace away from civilization and the prospect of solitude delights you, Fehendhoo is the right island for you, one of the least populated islands in Baa Atoll, with some 150 locals living in Fehendhoo’s single tiny village, most of the island is covered with jungle and surrounded by azure bays giving a very Robinson Crusoe vibe to the place. The nearby island of Fulhadhoo also makes for a great day visit.

While almost all travelers to Maldives are booked to stay at expensive island resorts, changes brought about by the government to the tourism policies in the last few years mean you can now take a Maldives vacation without breaking the bank. With amazing guesthouses on inhabited islands , a national network of ferries and a chance to mingle with the locals , those who itch to enjoy the magnificent snorkeling, beaches, diving, surfing and fishing of the Maldives, but can’t imagine anything worse than paying through your nose to be confined to a fancy resort , your hour to visit the country has finally come.

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