5 Unknown and Incredible National Parks for amazing Wildlife Holidays in India

Wildlife holidays in India

Wildlife holidays in India are all about spotting tigers, a favorite among all wildlife travelers, after all this big cat is a majestic creature and just being able to catch a glimpse of it in its natural habitat , deep within the jungle is bound to be the best memory of any trip. However our vast forests teeming with all sorts of wildlife present plenty of opportunity to go beyond tiger tracking and get one with the sights and sounds of the jungle.

Let’s travel beyond Corbett, Kanha and Ranthambore to explore this lesser known national parks & reserves that provide a much more intimate setting to explore the natural heritage of India.

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Dudhwa National Park - Home of the Terai

Located in Uttar Pradesh and straddling the border with Nepal, this large nature reserve holds the last few remaining tracts of the Terai forests – one of the most endangered ecosystems on this planet. Dudhwa national park along with the Katerniaghat & Kishanpur Wildlife sanctuaries together form the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and are home to the majestic royal Bengal tiger, along with the endangered Barasingha, the Bengal Florican, and a host of other wildlife.

Satpura Tiger Reserve - Hidden Gem of Central India

Situated in the lap of Central India, this is a fine example of elegance and admirable natural beauty. Established in 1981, this Madhya Pradesh Park often gets side-lined due to its more popular neighbours of Kanha & Bandhavgarh. Spread over Satpura hills on the highlands of Central India with dense forests, trickling rivulets, ravines, wetlands, and a diverse variety of flora and fauna this is our top park to visit in 2021. Apart from the tigers, this park is famous for its population of sloth bears and night safaris.

Namdapha National Park - An Explorers Delight

With about 2000 Sq. Kms of dense forests in far-eastern Arunachal Pradesh, this is an ecological hotspot with a mind-boggling array of animal and plant species, and habitats ranging from warm tropical plains to icy Himalayan highlands. Famous for being the only park in India with four big-cat species (leopard, tiger, clouded leopard, snow leopard) and a birdwatcher’s delight, with around 500 recorded species, this park is a long haul from anywhere. Best visited between November to March when it’s dry and cool, take a jungle trek of 3 or 5 days and get deep within the forest to be rewarded with an experience like no other.

Desert National Park - Bustard's Playground

Situated in Jaisalmer, this is India’s largest national park and an excellent example of the desert ecosystem, and while the endless stretches of the desert may seem like a harsh place to sustain life, you will be amazed at the wide variety of flora and fauna that call this park home. Home to the Great Indian Bustard – one of the world’s heaviest flying birds amongst many other resident and migratory birds, you are also likely to see desert foxes, spiny tail lizards along with the deadly viper and the krait.

Jawai Conservation Reserve - The Leopard's Lair

Hidden in plain sight, this is a reserve with a considerable number of leopards and very limited tourists, although this trend is slowly but surely changing. Here you will find an inspiring example of sustainability, where humans have coexisted peacefully for centuries with one of the most elusive animals in the world – the leopard. And once you are done with them, head to Jawai Dam – There’s plenty of wildlife to spot here as well, such as the crocodiles in the lake and the various species of migratory birds that visit during the winters. All in all a great wildlife experience amidst the rural setting of India.

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