Get ready for mammoth national parks, dynamic māori culture, and world-class surfing and skiing. Our New Zealand Tours can either be mellow or action-packed depending on how you prefer it, but they are always epic. With one of the lowest population densities on the planet, here you will find sublime forests, mountains, lakes, beaches and fiords that have made NZ one of the best nature destinations on the planet. New Zealand isn’t a place where you encounter many on-the-road frustrations: road are well maintained, ATMs abound; pickpockets, scam merchants are few and far between , and bedbug-ridden hotels are really rare; and the food is unlikely to send you running for the nearest public toilets (which are usually clean and stocked with the requisite paper). This cute nation is a place where you can relax and enjoy (rather than endure) your travels.

Visit the Shire , for the fans of Lord of Rings, on our New Zealand Journeys





Trip Highlights

The Heritage Tram ride of Auckland

1. A ten day self driving adventure through amazing scenery: national parks, beaches, volcanoes and hot springs to name just a few.
2. Handpicked selection of boutique stays to enhance the experience
3. Spend a day with a local Maori guide, exploring the villages and gaining insights into local culture
4. A fun ride through caves with luminescent glow worms on a black water rafting adventure
5. Inclined for some hiking , explore our carefully curated selection of some of the best nature trails the country has to offer.

Roads of New Zealand

Trip Itinerary

We arrive at Auckland and begin our New Zealand Tours, we get comfortable at this end of the world city ,once we have picked up the vehicle we will head to the hotel. Evening we will arrange for a walk with a local and get to local insights into this vibrant city 

We spend the next few days moving about the north island and exploring some of the famous and some not so famous sights , along the way we have plenty of interactions with the locals on our carefully curated unique experiences across the itinerary of our New Zealand Tours.

We leave the North Island , head over onto a ferry along with our vehicle and then explore the gems of the south islands for the next few days. This will be some of your best days during our New Zealand Tours.

We end the trip in Christ Church and fly back home with amazing memories of our New Zealand Tours.

Hobbiton village exploration while on a Self Drive New Zealand Journey


Accommodation on sharing basis according to the itinerary
All meals detailed in the itinerary
Vehicle Rental with Insurance
Indepth Planning Assistance 
24 x 7 Local Support
Experienced Guides