On our crowded planet, imagine an almost empty land where a primitive, nomadic lifestyle is still the norm, a land of awesome landscapes, profuse wildflowers and fantastic birdlife. That is the essence of our  Mongolian Holidays, even today!Blue skies and huge expanses of near-empty land epitomise Mongolia. There are few roads, and nomadic herders still roam the steppe as they have for centuries.Horses are the most common form of transport, and it’s not just all grassland as people often imagine; in the south of the country is the magnificent Gobi desert, in the west are the Altai mountains – home to the Kazakhs who hunt with eagles , while the north is known for mountains, rivers and the stunning Lake Khovsgol.Mongolia is more diverse than people realise. Come here for the unspoilt landscapes and unchanged culture. But be prepared for long distances.There is nowhere quite like Mongolia

Visiting the Sand Dunes of Gobi on our Mongolian Experience





Trip Highlights

Our Ger stay and Astro camping on the Mongolian Experience

1. Drive through Mongolia’s longest and most beautiful sand dunes – the Khongor– in the arid & vast Gobi desert.
2. Visit the first Buddhist monastery Erdene Zuu and the ruins of the ancient capital city – Karakoram.
3. Boutique stays in traditional gers for an inside perspective on Mongolian culture.
4. Visit Oglii – eagle hunter’s village and experience firsthand the unique relationship between man and eagle.

Local horse riders we see and interact with on our Mongolian Journeys

Trip Itinerary

Today we land in in Ulan batoor and our Mongolian Holidays begin – here you will be driven to the hotel and for the next -2 days we will familiarize our self with the denizen of this incredible land. We will  have a few cultural experiences and visit some interesting places around the capital.

We fly to Dalazandgad today and spend the next three days exploring the gobi desert , yol am gorge and the flaming cliffs , besides this we get an insighful experience into the lives of the Mongols today.

We head west now for the next few days and explore the endless steppes and the sub alpine terrain , we use our 4 x 4 for some off roading fun as well stay in traditional gers , here you will get plenty of oppurtunity to ride horses, see some incredible wildlife and some of the best landscapes on the planet in this phase of your Mongolian Holidays.

We head back to the capital and then fly back home, End of our Mongolian Holidays.

Visiting the Sand Dunes of Gobi on our Mongolian Experience


Accommodation on sharing basis according to the itinerary
All meals detailed in the itinerary
All Entrance fees 
All experiences included
4 x 4 with an experienced driver for the entire trip 
Experienced Guides