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A Paradise forgotten


Our Gurez Valley tours are an epitome of beautiful serene mountain region spread across the evergreen banks of Kishenganga river – it has all the attributes to make a person fall in love with it . The visual bliss and revitalization that we seek so often on mountain trips , is available here in full measure. Home to the Dardic tribe of ancient Gilgit, life here is,still deeply rooted in ancient traditions and a visit here is an intriguing glimpse in to their world Gurais, in local tongue, means a valley hidden deep in the himalayas, and it has remained rather true to its name so far. Once a gateway to the silk route, now barbed wires and fences dot the landscape , as the regoin is cut across by the LOC

Vast and endless meadow of Bangus , North Kashmir as seen on our Gurez Trip





Trip Highlights

Shepherd's hut seen while driving on our Gurez Trip

1. A 8 day trip to gems of Hidden Kashmir –with pristine Himalayan locations & unexplored destinations.
2. Horse riding / trekking in Bangus – one of the largest Himalayan meadows in India
3. Exploration of Gurez valley – one of most pristine in all of Kashmir.
4. Plenty of chance to interact with local Kashmiris and understand their way of life in this disputed zone.

Meadows of Bangus are host to numerous herders of Kashmir , we interact with them on this hike while on our Gurez Experience

Trip Itinerary

Habba Khatoon Mountain as seen on our Gurez Valley Trip


Accommodation on sharing basis according to the itinerary
All meals detailed in the itinerary
All transport
Unique Experiences 
Experienced Guides