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On our Greek island tours days melt from one to the next under wide open skies and a sea speckled with islands fringed with the white-sand, pine-tree shade beaches of your dreams. Wander along cobbled Byzantine footpaths, hike up volcanoes, watch for dolphins and sea turtles, and cycle through lush forests. Meander through olive groves, idyllic villages and petrified forests. Thrill seekers will discover world-class kitesurfing, wreck diving, and rock-climbing locations with dizzying views. Or simply hop on a boat and set sail into the glittering blue beyond. Restaurants are filled with long tables for big gatherings and friends amble arm in arm down the street. Squares are the focal point, where life unfolds collectively. Immerse yourself, whether it’s a coffee, a shot of ouzo, a chorus on the bouzouki or a local celebration. Greeks are passionate and live life to the fullest, even at the most difficult times. The result is a country seemingly riddled with challenges, yet full of people loving life.

Early morning visit of Meteora Monasteries on our Greek Journeys





Trip Highlights

Greek Island Tours

1. A ten day island hopping experience with breathtaking scenery, sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine & a relaxed island vibe.
2. Explore the majestic monasteries of Meteora with an experienced guide.
3. Live like a local on the islands of Paros and Naxos.
4. Discover charming fishing villages , and martian beaches on the island of Milos

Whitewashed houses of greece against the backdrop of blue sky , a quintessential Greek scene on any of our Greek journeys.

Trip Itinerary

Naxos Town , the capital of Aegean island groups , that we explore on our Greek tours


Accommodation on sharing basis according to the itinerary
All meals detailed in the itinerary
All transport
Unique Local Experiences
High Speed Ferry & Trains
Experienced Guides