Egyptian Experiences – There’s an old saying which goes “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”. With the lush and fertile delta flanked by arid wastes, This stark duality between fertility and desolation is fundamental to Egypt’s character and has shaped its development since prehistoric times, imparting continuity to diverse cultures and peoples over many millennia. It is this sense of permanence and timelessness which pervades every aspect of life , whether you’re watching the sun rise between the beautiful shapes of the White Desert or the shimmering horizon from the comfort of a hot spring in Siwa Oasis, or cruising by the Nile watching spectacular ancient monuments go by, here is a timeless journey through a culture older than time itself.

the temples of pharoahs os seen on our egyptian journeys





Trip Highlights

visit to the white desert on our egyptian journeys

1. Sail on the mighty Nile and experience serenity from the deck of a traditional felucca boat.
2. Camp amidst the unique rock formations of the White Desert
3. Discover the great sand sea & other unique attractions of the Siwa Oasis with a handpicked & experienced local guide.
4. Explore the colourful customs & traditions of a Nubian Village on exclusive guided visit.

egyptian hieroglyphs on a visit of the ramses temple on our egyptian journeys

Trip Itinerary

Our Egyptian experience begin as we arrive in chaotic Cairo – teeming with life , this bustling metropolis is where most of the population live and has plenty to offer for the curious traveller. Over the course of 02 days we will visit the new egyptian museum for a crash course on egyptology and head to the old bazaars and christian enclaves of the city. 

We head down south for a crusie on the nile and to explore the great pharaonic sites of Luxor and Aswan. Here we will infuse the boring history lesson with fun and interactive local sessions and a sail on the nile with sunset is sure to melt all the fatigue away. These are some of the best days on our Egyptian Experiences trip.

We head west to the scantily visited region of Bahariya and Siwa oasis , here we will camp under the stars in the White desert and visit the great grand seas of desert dunes on camel safaris and many other unique locations. 

We head back to Cairo as our egyptian experiences end  and fly home , for those guests interested to explore the red sea region , we have a interesting experience in the Dahab Area.

a sunset felucca boat ride on our egypt journeys


Accommodation on sharing basis according to the itinerary
All meals detailed in the itinerary
All transport
Exclusive Jeep Safaris
Experienced Guides