The high-altitude Manali Leh Road Trip is a journey along dangerous mountain roads cutting through harsh and rugged Himalayan terrain. En route, you will be rewarded with ethereal scenery, a quaint mountain culture and a travelling experience paralleled by few other journeys. Imagine traversing 487 km along a rain-washed, avalanche-eroded and precariously narrow road across gravity defying mountain passes, all the while braving nature in its most sublime yet treacherous avatar. That, in a nutshell, is what the great crossing from Manali to Leh is all about. Two full days of exposing yourself to the perilous outdoors, testing your nerves, motoring skills, patience and determination. And at the end of it all, finding yourself cruising into the ridge-lined lunar valley of Leh, beckoning weary travellers like the mythical Shangri La of the mountains. Sounds like your cup of tea? Then buckle up!

Confluence point of Indus and Zanskar river visited while on our Ladakh Trip





Trip Highlights

Highways of Ladakh , one of the most pleasurable road trips of India

1. An epic road tripping experience across the mighty Himalayan landscape surpassed by none other in sheer beauty and grandeur.
2. Crossing of Morey Plains – a great, vast expanse of nothingness for as far as the eye can see.
3. Camping along the shores of Tsokar – a secluded high altitude Himalayan lake surrounded by grand mountain vistas
4. Star gazing at Hanle – housing the highest astronomical observatory in the world.

Vistas of Manali seen from our Homestay , on the epic Manali Leh road trip journey

Trip Itinerary

We gather in Manali for this once in a lifetime trip . We have an introduction with the local team and set the expectation for the next 3 days

For the next 3 days we embark on this highway – fondly referred to as the top of the world and take in the sights of Himalayan grandeur  of epic proportions. If there ever was a travelling nirvana , we suppose this might be it. This section of our Manali Leh Road Trip will be one of the most memorable.

We make our way to Leh and wrap up this Manali Leh Road Trip. 

Snow clad roads of Ladakh


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