Abode of the asiatic lion


Our Gir Wildlife Tours visit the  last home of the Asiatic lion, and Gujarat’s most applauded wildlife park. Coming here on a safari is an unforgettable experience. Early-morning sunlight filters through the leaves and shadows skittle through the undergrowth. Suddenly, the silence is broken by the high-pitched alarm call of a spotted deer: Somewhere out there the king of the jungle is hunting. In the fauna department, the lion is merely the cherry on a very rich cake. For apart from the ‘mane menu’, Gir also offers a chance to savour the sight of many other species, including the master of reclusion, the leopard. Not to be discounted, the reptiles are well-represented by 25 species, including marsh crocodile and monitor lizard, with python, cobra, keelback and vine snake being some of the other reptiles that inhabit the park.

Jeep Safari of Gir National Park





Trip Highlights

Pride of lions seen on the Gir Safari Experience

1.A four-day Tour with six safaris in Gir National Park
2.Memories of an exciting adventure in the world’s last home of the Asiatic lion
3.A treasure of natural history knowledge from your experienced guide
4.Birdwatching trails in Hiran River

Lions walking at twilight on our Gir Safari Experience

Trip Itinerary

Our Gir Wildlife Tours begin as we arrive in Rajkot  and leave for the National Park and reach there by late afternoon. Evening we have a familiarization session with the lead naturalist who sets the expectations for the days to come. 

All set to step into the Land of the Lion, we venture out early in the morning on our first safari on day 2 during which our guides will help us become familiar with the resident prides and their locations in the tourism area. If fortunate, we may always chance upon a pride of lions early on the trip. Even otherwise, the wealth of Gir’s wildlife should hold us in thrall,  After the morning safari, we return to our resort, breakfast and rest for some time. After lunch, we depart for the evening safari and pursue  sighting oppurtunities , and this schedule continues for days on our Gir Wildlife Tours.

After our last morning safari, we return to our lodge for lunch.and then checkout and head back to Rajkot where we end our Gir Wildlife Tours.

Stag seen on Safari in Tadoba wildlife experience


Accommodation on sharing basis according to the itinerary
All meals detailed in the itinerary
All transport
Exclusive Jeep Safaris
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