These 5 Unique Experiences will enhance your Maldives Vacation

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Looking to elevate your Maldives vacation experience? You have come to the right place , these unforgettably unique experiences will help you cut straight through run of mill resort packages and help you explore the best this islands have to offer.

Maldives Vacation

We won’t fault you if you can only dream up scenes of sunbathing, overwater bungalows, and fancy cocktails when you think of a Maldives Vacation. But it’s not just that , from some of the best dive and snorkel sites  to learning about the local culture, and swimming next to a shark, there’s a whole slew of activities to keep you awestruck and active while you’re a guest in this paradise nation. So if you thought you’d only be able to spend all your time on the beach or the excitement stopped at the sea plane ride, think again — these phenomenal experiences are so special that you just can’t miss them while here

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1. Fall in love with the Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars - Maldives Vacation
Bio Luminescent Plankton causes the sea to light up at Vadhoo Beach Maldives

THE “SEA OF STARS” IS a beautiful phenomenon that occurs during late summer in the reefs of the Maldives, caused by bioluminescent phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum. The water here is filled with this plankton, and the movement of the waves causes it to glow, creating an incredible shimmering effect that looks like the sea is full of stars. Vaadhoo Island in the Raa Atoll is the most well-known spot for viewing the plankton, though it is dependent on conditions and may occur on any of the islands. It is best to do more research if you are interested.

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2. Enjoy a Sand Bank Picnic

Sand Bank Picnic Maldives Vacation
Sand bank picnics are a true highlight of a Maldives vacation

With pure white sand on crystal clear waters in pristine lagoon , roll out the mats , bring out the sun-umbrella, and pack some fun snacks for you and your loved ones. Have an unforgettable experience, as the waves make for great background music to fun-filled conversations. Engage in some beach games, or simply observe the rhythm of the sea, and there, you will have had a truly sunshiney day.

3. Swim with the Mantas & Whale Sharks

Diving with these Mantas is a once in a lifetime experience

Biospheres of Baa & Ari atoll offer one of the best access to snorkeling or diving with mantas & whale sharks, you will be in the water in the presence of mantas, gracefully swimming around you as they feed on the abundant plankton that rushes into the atoll with the tides, sometimes coming so close to you and staring right at you through your mask to check you out.

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4. Fish like a Maldivian

Fishing with locals is a fun way to learn about their culture and livelihood

Journey out on a boat and fish for your dinner. The boating experience is fantastic, propelling along sometimes at high speed across the idyllic blue water with beautiful views over both local and resort islands. The boats men will provide fishing lines and teach you how to use them, helping you to catch your dinner fresh. The BBQ by the beach will be fragranced with local spices and sauces will be one of the freshest meals you may have tasted in your life.

5- Go Dolphin Spotting

Dolphin watching - Maldives Vacation
Playful dolphins often put on a show for eager visitors in Maldivian waters

What spins, dives, and leaves you agape? Dolphins! Yes, trust these beautiful creatures to gather and dive in and out of the sea, eating their first meal of the day, while you cruise in a local traditional boat, ‘’Dhoni’. This simple activity of theirs, looks like an impeccable rehearsed performance you can’t have enough of. Dolphin-watching around the beautiful Maldivian waters is extremely easy, fun and a great experience

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