THE leopard's lair


Our Bera  Wildlife Tours are known to wildlife enthusiasts as ‘leopard country’, Bera boasts a large population of the big cat, and sightings are common among the sparse forests here. The leopards here are settled among the human villages for their daily diet of shepherd livestock and street dogs, and not even a single causality between humans and leopards has been reported , With no natural predators and very little competition , this is where the leopard bares all. Quite simply the best place in India to see the leopard, here the famously shy cat sheds its customary diffidence and emerges from the shadows to show its subliminal grace and unmatched beauty.

Safari experience in the arid semi desert landscape of Bera





Trip Highlights

Our luxury tented camp in the wilds of Bera

1- A trip to one of the best leopard destinations of India – Bera
2- Thrill of tracking this elusive cat on a safari different from other jungles
3- Insightful knowledge on the undisturbed coexistence of Man & Leopard in Rural India.
4- An exciting time seeing various other mammals and birds in Bera’s untamed landscape.

Safari experience in the arid semi desert landscape of Bera

Trip Itinerary

Our Bera Wildlife Tours begin from Ahmedabad and after a comfortable drive we  reach our camp by Lunch. After and introduction with our local expert we then set out to explore the hills around Bera on a jeep safari. We return to our lodge and have a delicious dinner. 

On our Bera Wildlife Tours we  visit the wilderness of Bera & Jawai on a jeep safari through our days here. 

After our last morning safari, we return to our lodge for lunch.This signals the end of our Bera Wildlife Tours. 

Our luxury tented camp in the wilds of Bera


Accommodation on sharing basis according to the itinerary
All meals detailed in the itinerary
All transport
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